The story!

Hi again!

As I promissed, in this post I’ll tell more about the story of the game.

As I’ve mentioned before, in 2009 when I had the idea for the game, the story would be about a ghost girl that was killed and couldn’t remember who killed her. Then she would partner up with a living dude, and they would find out more about her and what happened. That was the basic concept.

Then, I decided to change everything and have a girl running around different places with different themes. That was the basic concept at the time. I wanted to make an exploration game, much like Yume Nikki, where you walk around and just enjoy seeing new things every time.

Of course, the main problem with that concept is that it doesn’t work well for a 2D game; there’s only two places you could go. Left or right. It would be really hard to add more depth to this, even if I tried to make a path that went up somewhere, or a hole that sent her somewhere else. 

After some more thinking, I decided that it would be best if the game was an adventure. Go around, collecting items, using them, etc. Not a linear one, though.

So, anyway, the story. 

As I’ve mentioned on my Greenlight, the story is about a girl named Sarah. She was in an accident, and now she’s trapped in her dreams.

Now, I didn’t want to give much away because I’m not sure how much can I say without ruining the story, but after some comments on the Greenlight page (mainly comments like “OH WOW AMNESIA THATS ORIGINAL” and “I BET SHE’S DEAD”), I decided to say something most people around me know already, but I haven’t made it public yet.

She’s not dead, she’s in a coma. And she doesn’t collect memory fragments because she has amnesia, I never said that. She collects memories because she wasn’t to remember why she needs to stay alive and snap out of the coma.

That’s the basis of the story. Get Sarah to wake up.

Now, the game will work like an adventure game, but also somewhat like Mario 64. You collect fragments of her memories, so she can get out of the coma. Collecting these fragments may involve different tasks, like using an item to get somewhere, using platforming skills, using abilities she collects to get somewhere, etc.

I guess it’s no spoiler if I say that, if she collects all the fragments, she’ll have a good ending, and if she doesn’t, she’ll have a bad ending.

Anyway, that’s the basis. There’s still much I’m not telling, but you’ll have to wait for the full game.

From now on, posts will focus more on actual game dev, instead of chit-chat. I have one main problem though. I’m using Construct 2 to make Project Sarah, and as much as I love it, I’ve been thinking that maybe it would be better if I just went back to Construct Classic, since my main goal is to have an executable. I’ll get more into this later, though.

See ya!

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