Welp, I got a job last week as a webdesigner for an e-commerce firm. I mainly create e-mail marketing pictures, mess around with the website, and other things, but that leaves me almost no time for actual game making.

Fortunately, there are a few other things I can do while I’m at work. Right now, I’m writing a simple Game Design Document to sort out my ideas. And, since I’m doing that, I’ll talk a little about the main areas of the game. All names aren’t final, and in the end I might not even name the areas at all (I really don’t want to name anything ni the game, there’s no need to it).

First, the Lava/Volcano area.

(plz imagine concept picture here)

The Lava area is a big maze. It’s the first area I’ve made since I started making the game, and it really is supposed to be a maze-like area. It won’t be the first area of the game, though.

In the lava area there will be:

  • Those little creatures from the other post (who have been enslaved by other creatures that are dark, slender and have a single red eye on their heads)
  • Stealth (Sarah can’t fight so you’ll have to hide from the dark creatures)
  • If you do get caught they’ll put you in a cage (that you can escape from if you have the Magnifying glass [oops spoiler])
  • Crystals, diamonds and other things (that aren’t collectable)
  • An emerald flower (that you’ll use to get a memory fragment)
  • Lava (lots of it)
  • Pushable rocks (hopefully)
  • That place with the lava rising (made better)

Other areas include: a clear forest area (that’s only in the beggining), a big city area, a 2SPOOKY area and a carnival area.

I’ll post more info on them some other time.

ALSO (holy shit I write so much)

I’ll be LiveStreaming the game being made (almost) every day, at least for one hour. This way I can force myself into making the game, little by little. I won’t be able to LiveStream on tuesdays and saturdays, though (tuesdays I get home at 11pm, and saturdays I’m usually not at home).

Sooo that’s that. See you!

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