Livestream fail

I wanted to make a Livestream of the game being made today (as I had said I would), but it took me so long to figure out how to embed Livestream on tumblr (since it didn’t work on a regular post) that I ended up searching for ways to have a modal on it (since I like modals) and found some guy’s code for a modal written only in CSS, sooo after some time, it’s working. You can see the modal here

But now I’m too sleepy and haven’t eaten anything and it’s 30min to midnight in here.

At least the modal is working ok, with the livestream embed, thanks to this guy —>

You can check the modal by clicking the “Livestream” link. 

Also, seems like there’s an ask button now.

And just so this post isn’t a complete failure, here’s something I’ve been working on using Twine, a tool that makes interactive adventure stories like those old books that told you to go to page # to see what would happen:

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