So, Dreaming Sarah got a publisher!

That’s right! While the Catarse was up, a publisher got in touch with me and told me they were willing to publish Dreaming Sarah. So, after some time and some contract signing, it’s all official now.

The publisher name is GameHouse, which is represented in Latin America as Atrativa. So pardon me for the lack of updates, I had to keep quiet about all this until everything was done.

I’ll still keep posting about the game development here, too. I just bought some things I needed (mostly a decent computer because my desktop couldn’t even manage to open the game so I could keep working on it properly), and can’t wait to work more on the game.

Now, about the development, the next thing I’m going to do will probably be a huge menu with “key” items, which can be used on places and other people in the game. Then again, I’m still figuring out if I’ll need this menu at all… but I think this will be best, since the game is more of an adventure. Also that would make it better and more rewarding to explore.

See you!

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