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Ha ha! Hora de update!

Primeiramente, fiz uma página no Facebook pro Dreaming Sarah. Veja aqui!

Em segundo lugar, fiz um menu decente! Dele você pode ver quais itens chave você tem.

Como eu já mencionei antes, existem 2 tipos de itens no jogo: itens chave e habilidades. Itens chave podem ser usados pressionando o botão de ação em lugares determinados, como por exemplo, na frente de alguém que perdeu algo. Já as habilidades são itens que mudam o gameplay e que a Sarah pode usar, como por exemplo o guarda-chuva.

De qualquer forma, eu tive uns problemas me decidindo como o menu deveria ficar, então acabei optando por ter temas diferentes numa opção dentro do jogo. Assim qualquer pessoa pode escolher seu tema favorito. Tipo os “sabores de menu” no Earthbound.

Também implementei fullscreen e o jogo roda lindamente em 1080p.

E FINALMENTE eu arrumei um joystick de Xbox 360, e agora eu posso testar o jogo com ele. Roda perfeitamente também.

Próximas coisas que irei fazer são:

– Terminar a área da floresta;
– Criar o menu principal;
– Implementar uma nova habilidade: óculos!

Tentarei fazer updates mais vezes também, mas prefiro guardar pra quando tiver algo bem legal pra mostrar.




Ha ha! Time for an update!

First, I’ve made a Facebook page for Dreaming Sarah. Check it out!

Second, I’ve made a decent menu! From there you can see which key items you have.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, there are 2 types of items: key items and abilities. Key items can be used by pressing the action key in certain places, for instance, giving back someone something. Abilties are items that change gameplay and Sarah can use, like the umbrella.

Anyway, I had some trouble figuring out what the menu should look like, but then I decided that I should have an option so anyone can pick their favorite menu theme directly from the game. Like Earthbound’s “menu flavors”.

I’ve also implemented fullscreen, and the game runs beautifully at 1080p.

And I FINALLY got an Xbox 360 joystick, so now I can properly test the game with it. And it runs flawlessly.

Next things I’ll do are:

– Finishing up the forest area;
– Creating a main menu;
– Implementing a new ability: glasses;

I’ll try to update more often too, but I’d rather update when I have something really cool to show off.


PS- I have no idea how to truncate text on tumblr so sorry for the big post!

So, Dreaming Sarah got a publisher!

That’s right! While the Catarse was up, a publisher got in touch with me and told me they were willing to publish Dreaming Sarah. So, after some time and some contract signing, it’s all official now.

The publisher name is GameHouse, which is represented in Latin America as Atrativa. So pardon me for the lack of updates, I had to keep quiet about all this until everything was done.

I’ll still keep posting about the game development here, too. I just bought some things I needed (mostly a decent computer because my desktop couldn’t even manage to open the game so I could keep working on it properly), and can’t wait to work more on the game.

Now, about the development, the next thing I’m going to do will probably be a huge menu with “key” items, which can be used on places and other people in the game. Then again, I’m still figuring out if I’ll need this menu at all… but I think this will be best, since the game is more of an adventure. Also that would make it better and more rewarding to explore.

See you!

Sorry for the lack of posts, everything’s been really busy right now!

I’ve made a teaser for Project Sarah (now called “Dreaming Sarah”) and also I’ve posted it on Catarse which is a Kickstarter alternative since, well, we don’t have Kickstarter in my country.

Unfortunately this means the project page is all in portuguese and such. I wish I could add english to it and spread the campaign a little more, but I really can’t afford to send most of the perks internationally!

Here’s the project page: http://catarse.me/pt/dreamingsarah

In any case, the game will still be released in english/portuguese and a few more languages, since I’ve made it really easy to translate by using a .json file for every text in the game.

I made some changes in the code so now you can equip more than one item at a time, and mix them. This will probably break the game later but it’s much better this way.

I also added an effect where Sarah can change the colors of her clothes. It’s automatic and completely random, though.

I haven’t been posting much, but I’ve been pretty busy just like making game.


Here’s a list of a few things I did:

1. I rewrote the code for the item menu (when you press space), using an array. Not I can add any item there at any given time, so I can just open the game world and you can pick up objects and abilities at any given order.

2. I also rewrote the code for the dialogues in the game, it works in a really crazy way now, but it’s a lot more easy to insert new speeches and it’s totally automatic (working with basically 1 line of code). It uses the animation of the object/person you’re interacting with.

For instance, you talk to testobject. The game checks a variable that tells it how many lines should that object say (let’s say 2), then searches for the name of the ANIMATION of that object + that variable on a dictionary, and returns it. When you press X to go to the next line, it subtracts 1 from the line variable, and so on.

So if you talk to testobject, and he has 2 lines, it’ll return “testobject1” (because of the 0), so he searches the dictionary for “testobject1”, says it, then you press X and it becomes “testobject0” and he says it, then you press X and it’s done.

3. And finally, I added “quests”. I guess you could say that. If you speak to someone, and he gives you something, you can go and give this something to someone else, etc. This was kinda of a pain to do because, since my dialogue code is so automatic, but I got it to work by using the animation name of the objects instead of their instance name. 

So, for instance, let’s say you talk to “testobject”. He has 3 animations, “testobject”, “testobjectA” and “testobjectB”. The default is “testobject”, so if you speak to him he’ll say what he has to say, and when it’s done, a variable called “lastTalkedTo” will store “testobject”. So the game knows the last person you talked to was him.

Now, this is confusing as FUCK. I spent all night working on this and this is probably not the best idea. I’m still considering that I would have to use a global variable for each “event”, and I don’t know what are the implications of that… but I think it would work for the best, seeing as I could save all the events that way.

4. I re-implemented doors so they work a lot better now. I only made one “door” working right now though, on the left side of the screen. The code for doors is still a mess though, but it’s working so.

And that’s it. The main engine of the game is about 60% done, I’ve drawn some new things too but I haven’t added them to the game yet. So have a picture of Zyzz.

And here’s the last export I did:


Save system

Ok, I think I just came up with a save system accidentaly while messing around on GraphicsGale

>you open the chest
>a hand comes out and pulls you in
>you’re floating in space
>pick a save out of 3
>after that you come out of the chest

I have no idea if I can make this work, and I mean both animating this and programming it buuuuut I’ll try at least. Or maybe at some point I’ll have a better idea, I dunno. This one seems pretty good in my head.